Why Is My Metal Parts Processing Size Deviations?

- Jan 05, 2018-

Why is my metal parts processing size deviations? 

Let's take a look at how environmental factors affect the material. By definition, environmental factors are all variables exposed by a theme. These include wind, waves, water, humidity, temperature, movement and stress. If we look at submarines, water and pressure will be a huge part; but we will confine the discussion to the machine tool in the surrounding environment. The main rivals here will be temperature and exercise. Temperature affects the material by causing expansion and contraction, or in extreme cases can change the state of the material: for example, ice to water vapor. In our case, we will mainly focus on expanding and contracting, except for cutting tools. The cutting tool can and can plasticize the material, even evaporating it near the cutting edge. This does affect the final result and will be discussed. The movement in our case will be limited to the structural basis. There are other motions in the machine, but these are dynamic, such as bending movements associated with cutting loads and inertia.

In compound processing, we have a more difficult situation. Many composite stacks are omnidirectional, meaning that the fibers are oriented in many directions and can consist of glass, carbon and / or Kevlar. Going one step further, there are innumerable binders - from ceramics to all kinds of plastic - all of which have their own characteristics. CTE carbon has been required from 2 to over 8 ppm. Kinda sounds like trying to catch a butterfly: If you have a big net, it's not difficult, but trying to grab one with a pair of tweezers is an entirely different story.

Let's go back to the machine structure for a while. We know that the structure will change with temperature. Unfortunately, there are different types of heat sources, and steel responds to each of the different ways. In our case, transferring heat is called conduction and convection. Conduction is the transfer of heat through the air. Convection is the transfer of heat by a radiation source (such as an infrared heater).