4 Very Science Fiction Vehicles: Self Driving Cars Without Steering Wheel.

- May 29, 2019-

4 very science fiction vehicles: self driving cars without steering wheel.

Self driving car without steering wheel

Unmanned driving technology is gradually becoming mature, although many cars have automatic driving power supply, but still retain the manual driving mode. In order to show the real driving technology to the outside world, Volkswagen directly launched a car that even cancelled the steering wheel.

In addition to having no steering wheel, the car also removes the brakes and throttles. The original driver's seat has become a passenger seat. In order to facilitate access, the car adopts the design of the opposite door. In terms of auto-driving, the auto-driving ability of this kind of car has reached grade 5.

Real-life version of Doomsday Armor

This is a pure electric motorcycle launched by Kawasaki Company. Gamers may have a kind feeling when they see the shape of the car, because the main color of the car is green and white, which is very similar to the skin of the game character Sun Shangxiang's doomsday armor.

The cool appearance is only one aspect, the biggest feature is that this kind of electric vehicle can be deformed. When transformed into comfortable mode, the gap between the front two wheels will increase, which is suitable for slow and leisurely driving. When transformed into motion mode, the gap between the front two wheels will decrease and the stability will be enhanced, which is suitable for high-speed driving.

A car suspended in the air

This is a vehicle developed by Volkswagen Group, which looks very much like a wheel floating in the air. When driving, people get into the car. When everything is ready, the car will float.

Although the shape is very unique, but it is very simple to drive. The car is equipped with the most advanced automatic braking system. Once the car is in danger, it will stop at the first time to prevent traffic accidents.

Maglev Vehicle with Flexible Deformation

The shape of the car looks like a combination of several big iron balls. It was designed by a university student in Shanghai, China. Because of its amazing shape, the maglev vehicle won the Renault Award in the future automotive design competition.

Because of the principle of magnetic levitation, the car can make a 360-degree turn under any circumstances, which not only improves the speed but also saves energy. The car's carriages can be flexibly spliced together. When the number of individual carriages is not enough, they can be combined with another car.