What Situation Should Be Consider In CNC Machined Aluminum?

- May 04, 2018-

What situation should be consider in CNC machined aluminum?


First of all, under the premise of aluminum materials, the following aspects need to be considered:


Irresistible factors:


1. The stability of the machine itself. If it is not a new machine tool or the machine tool has undergone a lot of machining without debugging, the dimensional error caused by the machine tool itself will occur. There are several factors that cause the error in the machine tool itself:


Mechanical aspects:


a. Loosen between servo motor and screw.


b. Wear of ball screw bearings or nuts.


c. Insufficient lubrication between screw and nut.


Electrical aspects:


a. Servo motor failure.


b. There are dirt inside the scale.


c. Servo amplifier failure.


2. The workpiece is cooled and deformed after machining. This is basically unavoidable. Pay attention to the use of coolant as much as possible during processing, and pay attention to the deformation of the workpiece after cooling during in-position measurement.


Avoidable factors:


1. Processing technology


In fact, most of the actual machining errors are caused by irrational machining processes, and the basic machining processes are guaranteed (such as "first rough finish, first front back hole, first large back face small face" or "fixture use" in milling CNC machining). Reduce the number of fixtures and try to minimize the machining errors caused by iron filings on aluminum parts based on the combination of basic fixtures and other basic processing details. Because the aluminum parts are very soft, the iron scraps removed can easily cause machining errors in aluminum parts.


2. Counter knife


Inaccurate tool setting is also a factor that causes size error. Try to choose a good edge finder. If the machine tool has a automatic tool setting device, then it is better.