What Should We Know About Automatic/robot Parts CNC Machining?-Noble

- Sep 22, 2017-

From Eve Cai:

Some information for Automation equipment parts CNC machining:

※ intelligent systems: robot (robot, robot arms), robot accessories, sensors, machine vision system, pneumatic fixture

※ Transmission and control components: motor, reducer, inverter, rail, screw, bearing, hydraulic pneumatic device, signal device, gear, belt, chain drive unit

※ automation equipment and automation control system: industrial automation equipment, industrial communications and monitoring systems, safety and production protection equipment, logistics automation equipment

First, the specific processing content:

1. CNC processing (CNC machining, CNC milling, mechanical processing);

2. Small batch processing of aluminum alloy (metal parts, hardware);

3. hand model production (rapid prototyping, hand processing).

Second, material information:

1. Metal hardware CNC batch processing: aluminum, steel, iron, copper, lead, magnesium, galvanized sheet, magnesium alloy, etc.

2. Plastic CNC small batch processing: ABS, acrylic, PP, PC, PU, bakelite, POM, PMMA, PA, PVC, silicone, etc.

Third, the processing information:

CNC, lathe, milling machine, carving, milling machine, five axis machine, sheet metal, SLA, SLS, silicone mold, vac-cast, 3D printing, fast mold,

Fourth, related industries and products:

Automation equipment: such as banking equipment, unmanned aircraft, robots, intelligent equipment;

Medical equipment: X - ray machine, hemodialysis instrument, monitor, foot health box, etc.

Industrial equipment: pipeline testing equipment,  automatic  calibration  equipment, intelligent robots, etc.

Household appliances: such as TV, air conditioning, monitors, water boilers, coffee pots, rice cookers, juicers, etc .;

Digital communication: such as mobile phones, telephones, fax machines, video doorbells, cameras and so on;

Automotive industry: automobile, motorcycle parts, car dashboard, shade and other parts;

Fifth, post-processing related:

Grinding, polishing, printing, printing, laser engraving, painting, electroplating, oxidation, sandblasting, bright, UV,  etc.

Sixth, the service area: domestic and foreign marketing

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