What Is A CNC Machining Prototype?

- Jun 08, 2018-

What is a CNC machining prototype?


CNC prototype: The Prototype mainly produced by the machining center.


The advantage of the CNC Prototype is that it can accurately reflect the information expressed on the drawings, and the surface quality of the CNC Prototype is high, especially after it finishes spraying and silk screen printing, even more brilliant than the products produced after opening the mold. As a result, the development of CNC Prototype has become the mainstream of Prototype manufacturing.


The hand boards are divided into plastic hand boards and metal hand boards according to the materials used in the production:


1. Plastic Prototype: Its raw materials are plastics, mainly the palm plates of some plastic products, such as televisions, monitors, telephones and so on.


2. Metal Prototype: Its raw materials are aluminum-magnesium alloys and other metal materials, which are mainly high-end products such as laptops, high-level stand-alone players, MP3 players, CD players, and so on.