What Are The Maintenance Techniques For UAVs?

- Aug 18, 2017-

Unmanned aerial vehicles as a new high-tech products, in addition to the right way to operate and use, the daily maintenance and inspection is also essential.

General consumers to understand the use of UAV more one-sided, that UAV design, assembly, commissioning and flight is all the UAV. Plus there is not much continuous flight mission, maintenance has been less concerned about. Often after the flight directly to the box, and then fly out when the assembly flight. With the increase in the task, the problem gradually surfaced. There are several typical problems:

1, when the flight again found that spare parts missing, resulting in unable to fly;

2, the assembly process found that the aircraft has a damaged place;

3, the flight process often appear engine flameout, battery abnormalities, and even appeared in the flight of the aircraft disintegration of the situation.

After a number of lessons and in-depth summary of thinking after the discovery of the reasons for the emergence of the problem:

1, after the flight did not return parts and tools, resulting in another flight when the East West.

Because there is no standardized management, after the recovery of unmanned aerial vehicles do not have a fixed storage location, each flight before the need to re-clean up parts and tools and other auxiliary equipment. Plus the usual exposure to the aircraft more people, the use of tools or the use of aircraft parts are not recorded. Over time the emergence of the situation. This is a lot of unmanned aerial vehicle team in the early common problem. Only from the beginning to develop a good standard, the accountability of each work environment, in order to effectively avoid this embarrassment caused by chaos.

2, after the flight did not conduct a thorough and thorough inspection of the UAV, can not be found in the use of damage caused.

Unmanned aerial vehicles and man-machine is different, almost no time in the condition of the airport runway on the take-off and landing. As the conditions of the landing site is poor, UAVs, especially the conventional take-off and landing of the UAV is very easy in the landing process because of the impact of large local damage. And some structural damage is not easy to find from the appearance. After each flight should be on the aircraft itself to conduct a comprehensive and meticulous inspection, timely detection and deal with hidden dangers.

3, important equipment needs regular maintenance, to avoid damage caused by prolonged use.

UAV is a long-term, reusable tool. After repeated use, some important equipment prone to problems. I use the fixed-wing UAV as an example, the engine, power and structural connections are part of the need to focus on monitoring. In contact with UAV early, these three parts we eat a lot of losses. Always feel that the engine can be adjusted once and for all. The results with a period of time found that the engine often turn off, speed instability, tension and other issues. Repeated adjustment invalid after we dismantled the engine and found that due to a long time in poor conditions, the engine serious carbon deposition, resulting in plug the spark plug, easy to off the fire. Carburetor filter lack of regular cleaning, has been blocked serious, resulting in insufficient fuel supply. Since then, we have engine checks as the focus of regular maintenance, and therefore also solve the problem of the engine.

Power problems are equally serious, UAV flight time is long, the environment shocks, the durability of the battery pack is very demanding. Coupled with the lack of common sense, flight time is not fixed, the battery is often full of electricity storage. Resulting in poor battery performance. Similarly, the structure of unmanned aerial vehicles. Especially the connection part due to frequent disassembly and shock shock, easy to aging damage. Are in the maintenance process need to focus on the place.

After a number of lessons and in-depth summary of thinking after the discovery of the reasons for the emergence of the problem:

To do a good thing is not difficult, it is difficult to do a good life. This sentence also applies to UAV maintenance work. Long colleagues engaged in UAV work colleagues know that this is a bright eyes in the eyes of outsiders, but in fact boring work, especially outside the flight maintenance work. If only personal interests and consciously, it is difficult day after day, year after year to maintain the maintenance of UAV work. In order to avoid a long time to repeat the work caused by slack, to do a strict, easy to operate the maintenance process and strengthen their own sense of responsibility is indispensable.