What Are The Cautions Of CNC Machining Equipment

- Dec 21, 2017-

What are the cautions of CNC machining equipment

CNC Machining work has a certain relevance, according to the actual situation of work. For the CNC machining industry, the most important is the CNC machine tool. A good CNC machine tool can produce high quality products in CNC machining. The service life of the CNC machine tool is limited. To make the CNC machine have a longer service life, it needs careful maintenance on the routine maintenance work. At the same time when using mechanical maintenance should also pay attention to the use of matters. 

The cautions for using the CNC machine:

Before the CNC machine ready to confirm the CNC machine oil, electricity, gas supply is normal, less than the oil according to the label added to the place, to ensure that the boot in the normal state of work. 

Regularly clean the filter (filter cabinet box, spindle cooling filter, cutting fluid tank filter, etc.) to make the machine work in the best condition.

Do not open the operation door in the normal operation of the CNC machine. Do not touch the keys on the operation panel at will, to avoid human injury and machine damage caused by misoperation. 

Each class colleague should take time to clean the iron head of the spindle head five minutes before get off work (it is best to use a water gun, if there is no water gun to wipe with a damp cloth, do not use the air gun to purge) Clean up to extend the life of cutting fluid. 

It is forbidden to place wet cloth and wet gloves on the transformer at the back of the CNC machine to avoid electric shock and damage to the transformer. Do not touch the electric components with wet hands to avoid accidents.

As the CNC machine does not work a long time off when the CNC machine must be cleared of scrap iron to prevent rust from affecting the use of the machine. Fixture and worktable and guard plate should be coated with antirust oil, maintenance work can be carried out in accordance with the normal order of shutdown (press → emergency stop switch → press the CNC machine operating panel "power off button" → turn off the total power supply switch).

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