Watch Out For The Robot The Wolf Is Coming In The Future To Levy A Tax On The Robot

- Dec 01, 2017-

What influence does employment have on the society after the arrival of the robot? Cai Fang used an example to answer the keynote speech. Economists and sociologists say love wolf, a wolf, you panic preparation, the wolf did not come, another time, say more after you think the speaker is lying children, wolves will not so; finally there is no way to create a new concept, called the like this, the wolf really came. He hoped that at least this time, the chance of the wolf was greatly improved.

In recent years, the development of robots has been highly valued in China. Since 2013, the utilization rate of industrial robots in China is the highest in the world. In 2010 -2015, the density of robots in the world increased by 32%, which is a fast pace. In five years, China has grown by 230%, much higher than the world's average. The robot itself Chinese density, lower than the world average level, but catch up from behind.

Cai Fang said that replacing people with machines is an economic law that is unstoppable.

What can a machine replace? Cai Fang believes that, not to be optimistic, the robot will replace everything in the future. So it is no longer a machine. The most important point is to give up the useless argument. In the past, it has been debated whether the coming of robots will affect the employment. How much will it really affect? It is not necessary to continue arguing now, because its influence on people is inevitable, so we have to figure out which areas and groups it will affect first, then what countermeasures should we have.

Speaking of human coping methods, Cai Fang believes that human capital is the special place of mankind, and human capital is an important means to deal with robots. The key question is to ask what kind of human capital is needed? Today, because of the robot's intervention, technology is outdated and disappearing at an unprecedented speed, and the profession is constantly changing. Some of the jobs in the past will soon disappear, and the future will become more and more obvious. What kind of education should Chinese teenagers teach them? This day also taught him, but after a few years of useless skill, the Dragon disappeared, he spent a few years learning useless skill can not be used up? Cai Fang's emphasis is to cultivate the cognitive and non cognitive abilities of young people. Cognitive ability is acquired by basic education, not technical and vocational education. Non cognitive ability is more basic education even before the age of three training, so education should be through a chain, in the time line, the more forward extension education better, this is with the machine competition to extend back is to increase the length of education, to respond to the challenges of the future.

Cai Fang said that the robot is a human invention, human beings should take precautions, make good policy, we have to worry about the future of the robot begging into robot robot tax development brings the externality of the entire mankind, so we need to tax it, use it to support inclusive of everyone has the basic guarantee of continuous the.

By George Ding