The Maintenance Rule Of Lithium Batteries For UAV Parts

- Aug 18, 2017-

The battery is one of the key factors in ensuring that the unmanned aerial vehicle can take off normally. How can it increase its life expectancy is worth thinking about every UAV owner.

According to industry insiders, UAV batteries and mobile phone batteries are lithium batteries, is the power source of the equipment, its safety performance requirements are also higher. But there are differences between the two, the UAV battery than the mobile phone battery than there is a significant feature - discharge, UAV batteries need to discharge, in order to meet the UAV in different environments use requirements, such as aerial photography, If you encounter a strong wind, then the need for batteries to do large current discharge to make the appropriate compensation to ensure that the location of UAVs. Because the use of different requirements, so UAV battery life is relatively short.

The industry also to the lithium battery users to mention a few practical recommendations:

One, but put

Battery discharge curve shows that the beginning of the discharge, the voltage drop faster, but the discharge to 3.9 ~ 3.7V between the voltage drop soon. But once down to 3.7V later, the voltage will slow down the speed, poor control led to over discharge, ranging from damage to the battery, while the voltage is too low caused by fried machine. Some die friends because the battery is small, so every time over, so the battery is very short life. Strategy is to fly as little as one minute, life to fly a cycle, would rather buy more than two batteries, do not fly every time to exceed the capacity limit. To make full use of the battery alarm, a warning should land as soon as possible.

Two, but charge

1, use a dedicated charger. This charger can be a lithium ion or lithium polymer charger, both very close. Part of the mobile phone charger can be used to charge lithium polymer battery. This will not damage the battery.

2, accurately set the battery pack battery number. The first few minutes of charging you have to carefully observe the charger's display, the number of batteries on the battery pack will be shown above. If you do not know, you should not charge or use your familiar charger.

3, the first charge a new lithium battery pack, check the battery pack for each battery voltage, after every 10 times charge and discharge should also do the same work. This is absolutely necessary, and a voltage unbalanced battery pack will burst when the number of cells is selected for proper charging. If the voltage difference between the battery cells in the battery pack exceeds 0.1 volts, you should charge the voltage of each battery to 4.2 volts respectively. If the voltage difference of the battery cell exceeds 0.1 volts after each discharge, it means that your battery has failed and should be replaced.

4, no one to take care not to charge.

5, use a safe location to place the charged battery and charger.

6, generally no manufacturers of special instructions, charging current not more than 1C. Now the battery that supports high current discharge also supports more than 1C of current charge. But will greatly shorten the battery life, buy three batteries alternate charge than to buy a battery and had to quickly charge more cost-effective.

Third, dissatisfied with electricity preservation

Fully charged battery, can not be fully stored for more than 3 days, if more than a week does not let go, some batteries directly drum package, and some batteries may not be drums, but several times full of electricity, the battery may be directly scrapped. Therefore, the correct way is to receive the mission after the re-charge, the battery after the use of 3 days if there is no mission, please charge the monolithic voltage to 3.80 ~ 3.90V save. And then charge the power after a variety of reasons did not fly, but also in the full 3 days after the battery discharge to 3.80 ~ 3.90V save. If you do not use the battery within three months, the battery charge and discharge once after the preservation, which can extend battery life. The battery should be stored in a cool environment for storage, long-term storage of the battery, it is best to put in a sealed bag or sealed explosion box, the proposed ambient temperature of 10 ~ 25 ° C, and dry, non-corrosive gases.