The Main Features Of CNC Machining

- Feb 07, 2018-

The main features of CNC machining

CNC machine tools from the very beginning on the selection of aircraft parts with complex profile as a machining object, to solve the key to difficult to solve common machining methods. The most prominent feature of CNC machining is the use of perforated tape (or tape) to control the machine for automatic machining. As the aircraft, rockets and engine parts have different characteristics: aircraft and rocket zero, large component size, complex surface; engine zero, small component size, high precision. Therefore, the aircraft, rocket manufacturing and engine manufacturing sector of the selected CNC machine tools are different. In aircraft and rocket manufacturing to continuous control of large CNC milling machine based, and in the engine manufacturing both continuous control of CNC machine tools, also use point control of CNC machine tools (such as CNC drilling machine, CNC boring machine, machining center, etc.) .

First, compaction of process

CNC machine tools are generally available with automatic tool change tool holder, tool changer, tool change process automatically controlled by the program, therefore, the process is more concentrated. Centralized process brings tremendous economic benefits:

⑴ reduce the machine area, save the plant.

⑵ reduce or no intermediate links (such as intermediate testing of semi-finished products, temporary handling, etc.), both save time and save manpower.

Second, automation

CNC machining, without manual control of the tool, a high degree of automation. The benefits are obvious.

⑴ reduce the requirements of the operating workers:

An ordinary machine tool senior, not a short period of time can be trained, and a non-programming NC training time is very short (such as CNC lathe workers need a week, but also write a simple machining program). And, CNC machining parts in the CNC machine tools than ordinary workers in the traditional machining of parts on the higher precision, time to save.

⑵ reduce the labor intensity of workers: NC workers in the machining, most of the time excluded from the machining, very easy.

⑶ product quality and stability: CNC machining automation, eliminating the fatigue of ordinary workers on the machine, carelessness, estimation and other human error, improve product consistency.

⑷ high machining efficiency: CNC machine tools such as automatic tool change so that the process of compact, improve labor productivity.

Third, high flexibility

Traditional general machine tools, though flexible, are inefficient; while traditional special machines, although highly efficient, have poor adaptability to parts, high rigidity and poor flexibility and are difficult to adapt to the fierce competition in a market economy Frequent product modification. As long as the program is changed, new parts can be machined on the CNC machine and the machine can be operated automatically. With good flexibility and high efficiency, the CNC machine can adapt well to market competition.

Fourth, ability

Machine tools can accurately process a variety of contours, while some contours cannot be machined on an ordinary machine. CNC machine is particularly suitable for the following occasions:

1, not allowed to scrap parts.

2, new product development.

3, urgent parts machining.


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