Where Are The Highlights Of The Precision Grinder?

- May 29, 2018-

The highlights of the precision grinder.


The precision grinding machine is high in its own precision. The quality of the products that are ground during use is of high quality and accuracy. The high precision is reflected in the basic material of the most basic blank castings. It is also very important to use some parts and components in the manufacturing of grinding machines. The main axes are generally That is, the main shaft of the grinder is now basically the original spindle, vibration and noise are very small, the screw body on the bed is also a precision screw or ball screw.

In the Assembly problem, the same machine tool parts assembly, different masters assembled out of the effect is not the same, this requires experience, but a long time of tempering and understanding of the tacit understanding, in the assembly can be reflected in the accuracy of the final molding, when the precision grinding machine After production, the master must test the grinding to know the precision of the grinding machine. The precision grinding machine controls the accuracy of the first one, especially the small grinding machine, which is within 2μ, so that the customer can buy the past production parts and grinding. For workpieces with 2μ or less, the precision is related to the machine tool error. The smaller the machine error, the higher the precision.