The Difference Between CNC Machine Technology And Ordinary Machine Technology

- Dec 22, 2017-

The difference between CNC machine technology and ordinary machine technology

CNC machining process and general machining process in principle, basically the same, but the entire CNC machining process is automatic, and thus have their own characteristics:

1, The process of complex content

This is because the CNC machine tool is more expensive than the average machine tool. If only the simple process is economically uneconomical, CNC machine tools usually have more complicated procedures and even difficult to complete processes on ordinary machine tools.

2, Step by step more detailed arrangements

This is because the ordinary machine tools in the process do not have to consider the issues, such as the process step arrangement, the knife point, tool change point and the processing route to determine the other issues in the preparation of CNC machining process can not be ignored.

3, Rely on the program to complete all the processes.

4, CNC machining program is a mandatory document CNC machine tools.

5, CNC machine controlled by the program instructions, the whole process is processed according to program instructions automatically.

6, CNC machining program not only includes the parts of the process, but also includes the process parameters required to complete the process, such as cutting, feeding routes, tool size number and machine tool movement process.

7, CNC machining efficiency, high precision, low labor intensity, adaptability to different parts strong.