The Creation Of Wheelchair Robot

- Nov 24, 2017-

Mankind will never stop on the path of innovation. Recently, Matt Walter and Sachi Hemachandra of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Labs created a robotic wheelchair capable of voice-controlled robotics. This wheelchair robot can recognize the basic language commands issued by the user and the built-in navigation function also makes it easier for the user to move indoors.

According to the description, the wheelchair robot does not require complicated operations. The user only needs to create a map of the indoor environment in advance, indicate indoor room information and bulky items in the map, When this information is imported into the system, voice commands can be issued to the wheelchair via the microphone, bringing it to the kitchen or toilet with the user.
It is worth mentioning that in addition to recognizing the more direct order of "taking me to the kitchen", the robot wheelchair can also determine the subtext of "I'm hungry". That is to say, by means of these two commands, the robot Can send the user to want to go to the place. In addition, the robot is equipped with a range finder and sensor, which allows users to use the process without having to worry about the machine will hit any obstacles.

According to reports, the wheelchair robot development team uses the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform, the platform is to help identify the various key wheelchair robotics. Services provided by the platform enable artificial intelligence to remotely perform tasks that ordinary computers can hardly accomplish, such as writing product descriptions and highlighting good photos from many photos.

The development team for wheelchair robots has now reached a cooperation agreement with a number of local medical institutions in Boston, and they hope that in the future this technology can be promoted throughout the United States.

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