The Big White Made By CNC Machining

- Dec 08, 2017-

The big white made by CNC machining.

One can carry 200 kilos a day, one can run 140 times a day, one can reach 4 Distribution doctors to do surgery with a robot. The big white made by CNC machining.


The robot "big white" was taken by the working correspondent Liu Kunwei


Early yesterday, a white and fat robot shuttle back and forth in the corridor of the surgical operation room in Wuhan Union Hospital. The general snow-white robot, called "big white" by the doctors and nurses, is the first intelligent medical logistics robot system in the National Union Hospital.


The self charging "white" 1.25 meters high, the volume of 190 litres weight 200 kg, the price reached 2 million yuan, mainly responsible for the distribution of medical consumables in operation room, it supplies to the operation room for instruction after receiving, will take the initiative to go to the warehouse door, waiting for the library to confirm the identity of open containers, and Saul check code library supplies.


The "white" smart brain, can achieve accurate medical supplies storage, warehousing, distribution, application, record the whole process management of medical consumables, closed by a matter of a code management, transportation and identity management, who do apply, who pick up, who use, in which patients. The whole process of tracking management and transparency of information can help managers to achieve efficient management of operation room.


Pro, you stop me, please let me in "the successful completion of the task, I should go back", "white" humanized settings with autonomous positioning, navigation, walking, obstacle avoidance, ensure accurate medical supplies will be sent to each operation room, also added a lively atmosphere for the busy operation room.


Gao Xinglian, general nurse chief of the operation room in Concorde hospital, introduced the intelligent logistics robot system, which began to try in September last year. Before the use of a transport robot, the average nurse in each operation had to return to the two storehouse on an average of 7-8 times, with an average of 10 thousand steps per person. Now, with the large volume and high load of "big white", its transportation speed is 1.75 minutes, and the average transportation time is 140 times a day, which can support 4 distribution workers.