The 2017 World Medical Robotics Conference Was Successfully Held In Shenzhen

- Dec 01, 2017-

The two day 2017 world medical robot conference was successfully completed in Shenzhen, China. The conference on "The Belt and Road medical robot from research to clinical application of this subject, from in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, France and Japan, Italy and other global medical robotics 20 academicians, professors, doctors, from scientific research, project progress to the clinical needs and clinical application multi level, multi angle study of medical robot development status, and future.

Two days, the All seats are occupied. 450 professional from around the world, the audience, including university professors, doctors, engineers, students, enterprises, industry investors etc..

The 2017 World Congress of medical robot aimed to promote academic exchanges in the field of medical robot, strengthen the global scientific research institutions, enterprises, cooperation between the government, to promote the development of the world medical robot technology, while additional medical robot project negotiation and Exhibition roadshow links, collaborative innovation countries, promote the technological innovation and the development of medical robot. The conference will cover four topics, including surgical robot, robot assisted medicine, rehabilitation and nursing robot, medical robot and artificial intelligence. From the research progress in various fields, the top class speakers discussed the research status and technological breakthrough of the medical robot fully, and from the clinical point of view, with demand and application, made the scientific research and clinical communication smoothly. Forum link after each end of the plate, experts and scholars gathered in a live audience for answering questions from hospitals, universities, research institutes, enterprises and other related areas of the audience presented their most concerned problem in the field of medical robot, from the combination of angle, triggered a heated discussion site. Experts and scholars have also said that the conference has characteristics, content and quality. We expect that next year's World Conference on medical robotics can bring more wonderful content to you.

This conference is not only an academic feast, eye surgery robot, micro nano vascular interventional robot and many other products will be displayed in the public view through the conference platform, and will also achieve industrialization in China. The experts said that in the next 5 to 10 years, China will gradually overtake Europe and the United States as a leader in the industrialization of medical robotics.

By George Ding