Talk About The Materials Used In The Processing Of Parts

- Aug 30, 2017-

In general, to produce a good precision parts, need to pay attention to a few, the first step is to choose the processing of this precision parts of the required materials. The second is the processing of the equipment used. The third part is processed out of the parts detection, inspection. Each of these items is very important, and today we will first talk about the first point, precision machining used to select the material.

Of course, because I probably only know some of the company's situation, so the main thing is to introduce our company how to do this. In general, the precision machining, precision parts processing customers to find the company to come after a series of negotiations, mainly around the structure of the precision parts of the drawings, materials, prices, duration and so on, then the customer in these issues All determined to be in the Knight company production and processing time, we will ask the customer, on the processing of the precision parts used by the material is your own, or we come to help you buy. If the customer to provide their own, he will also specify where we go to the manufacturers where to buy materials, materials, customers themselves can pay to the manufacturers, the quality of the material, the basic customer is responsible for their own. But in general most will still listen to the views of processing companies, so that processing companies to purchase this part of the material, of course, so, in addition to processing fees, but also the cost of materials. Knight company engaged in precision machining time is not long, so now mainly want to open the market, in order to establish their own reputation inside the industry, the company purchased the material is absolutely finished. And some of the materials themselves have, for example, stainless steel bar, the company is to do early processing of stainless steel bar business, and is still doing. I remember before a customer ordered a number of companies out of the valve, was also the first time and this customer cooperation, when customers get the first batch of goods, but also deliberately cut the look at the material, when he was very happy That really is a good material. So that customers in the future order Nate's products can be assured that the problem of materials. Our company through the ISO9002 international quality system certification, this is a very secure.