Surprise Or Scare? The Robot Is Subverting Your Imagination Of The Future

- Oct 16, 2018-

Atlas robots in Boston, USA, will run and jump as easily as though walking upon a level road. Japanese humanoid robots are like real people and cannot be distinguished. KUKA in Germany has excellent industrial robot production capacity. Around the world, robots have replaced human beings in all walks of life, bringing convenience and progress to human life, while also having a devastating impact on the human way of life, subverting our imagination of tradition.


For today's people, it is impossible to adapt to a new era of robot construction without mastering and understanding certain robot technology knowledge. The robot education for children and adolescents is imminent and has the inevitability of the times.


How the world's advanced robots are made, what is the principle of robot work, and how the program drives the operation of hardware. These are important knowledge in the field of robotics. However, this knowledge is difficult to learn in traditional subject education. Even if it is involved, it is too fragmented, which is not conducive to the learner system's understanding of modern technology development.


Phoenix Robot believes that robot education is a comprehensive discipline, and its integration of multiple disciplines and fields is the trait of modern science and technology education. Students should pay attention to gradual progress in the process of learning robot education. For ages 3 to 6, the Phoenix Robot sets up a building block course as an enlightenment and guided course. Building blocks are mainly used to cultivate children's basic spatial awareness, develop simple calculation and thinking skills, and lay the foundation for further study.


The development of robots is constantly subverting our imagination of future life, and technology is always created by people. Understanding and mastering robotics will help us better adapt to the changes of the times and play a more important role in the new era.