Joint Grinding Group Grinding Seminar 2019: Demonstrating Comprehensive Grinding Solutions

- May 29, 2019-

Joint Grinding Group Grinding Seminar 2019: Demonstrating Comprehensive Grinding Solutions.

1. Proposer of "Two in One" Manufacturing Concept - WALTER (Walter)

The 13 exhibition areas of United Grinding Group show the products representing the top grinding level, providing effective solutions for customers.

In the field of tool manufacturing, Walter's concept of "two-in-one" is well known all over the world. From the production point of view, the concept of "two-in-one" means that users can use the same machine to electrolytically process totally corroded cutting tools (PCD), or to grind totally grinded cutting tools (cemented carbide). More importantly, both methods can use a machine in the same tool. It saves a lot of time to go ahead without switching to another machine.

2. Combination of High Efficiency and High Precision-MIKROSA (Mikrosa) KRONOSS 250

KRONOS S S 250 Centerless Grinder not only has high production capacity and accuracy, but also can be quickly replaced. This machine has a wide range of parts processed. KRONOS S 250 combines the best optimized grinding quality and grinding speed, compact structure, complete function, cross-shaped sliding table structure on the grinding wheel and guide wheel side. The grinding wheel spindle supported by hybrid bearings achieves a maximum linear speed of 150 m/s on the grinding wheel surface. The grinding results have good repeatability, high accuracy and controllable tolerance range of (+0.5 m), which is suitable for mass production (multi-workpiece grinding at the same time). Design.

3. Handling Complex and Various Grinding Tasks - STUDER (Stuart) S31

STUDER has hundreds of years of grinding experience, reliable programming and efficient operation. This new S31 multi-functional grinder can perform various grinding tasks accurately and reliably. It is suitable for small and medium-sized workpieces in single piece, small batch and mass production. 400, 550, 1000 and 1600 mm center apex distance can be selected for medium and small workpieces with 400, 550, 1000 and 1600 mm center height of 175 mm. S31 is based on the concept of STUDER T-slide. It has an extended 370mmX axle stroke, which meets the needs of users for a large number of wheel hub modification grinding wheel selection. Users can choose the turret grinding wheel head rack of stepless variable speed brick tower bearing seat. The turret wheel hub can be equipped with multiple grinding wheels. With the assistance of turret grinding wheel head rack with multiple grinding wheels and STUDER QuickSet, STUDER is fast because of the alignment of the grinding wheel of the software. With speed setting, the replacement time of changing grinding wheel can be reduced by up to 90%. The new S1 can grind different diameters and cones with a grinding wheel, without the need for intermediate dressing.