Softbank Will Ship Commercial Cleaning Robots Next Summer

- Nov 24, 2017-

Softbank Group announced on the 20th next summer will be available for autonomous commercial cleaning robot, following the passenger robot "Pepper" into the new robotics. Given the increasingly understaffed and aging industries in the cleaning industry, Softbank believes there is a business opportunity. Price to be decided in the future.

Named "ICE RS26", the new robot is 137 cm tall, 169 cm long, 84 cm wide and weighs 281 kg, and will be used to clean the floors of large facilities such as supermarkets and airports. For the first time, a robot is required to drive in the sweeping area so that it remembers the route, and the robot can walk autonomously next time. Its equipped sensors can investigate the environment, in order to avoid collision with people or obstacles, will stop or dodge.

The machine is powered by a "Brain Corporation" (located in California) U.S. startup funded by Softbank-led funds. The U.S. retail giants have used cleaning robots that use Brain's devices.

SoftBank also announced plans to improve Pepper's software for businesses and add billing capabilities that will handle customer payments.

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