Smart Wheelchair Into The Most Fashionable Travel Tool?

- Aug 30, 2017-

There are some people in this world, they are the cruelty of the disease, always take away the freedom to walk and happy to run the right, and never even never stood. They can only spend the rest of their lives in the wheelchair, but the youth of the wheelchair, but still very confident, And life.

Free wheelchair - take you to an ordinary wheelchair where you can not reach

Wheelchairs are the most important tool for people with reduced mobility. But there are still countless places on Earth that are wheelchairs that can not be reached. In the mountains, hills, beaches, forests, there is no regular plane road, ordinary wheelchair is not normal action. Wheelchairs limit the scope of people's activities, but the free wheelchair will be a thorough transformation of the traditional wheelchair, adding a lot of entertainment entertainment features, to adapt to a variety of complex all-terrain environment. The free chair looks like a combination of a mountain bike and a wheelchair, opening up a new way for adventure.

When using a free wheelchair, the force of the user's upper limbs is driven by the gears for the rolling of the wheels. Through the ingenious work of the internal gears, the user can "travel" in complex road conditions. When it is adjusted to a high level (for example, on a safe road), it can be up to 75% faster than an ordinary wheelchair, and when it is adjusted to a low gear (for example, through an uneven road, A small hill), it can output 50% higher torque than usual wheelchair.

This free wheelchair has not been licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration, so the company has positioned the product as an entertainment recreation tool in the United States, where users can use it as an exclusive version of the tricycle. The official price is expected to be $ 2995.