Small Machining Center Machining Parts Characteristics

- Jan 10, 2018-

Small machining center machining parts characteristics

Small-scale machining center either manual programming or automatic programming, before processing the parts must be processed for process analysis, the development of processing options, select the appropriate tool to determine the amount of cutting. In programming, some technical problems (such as the knife point, processing routes, etc.) also need to do some processing. Therefore, process analysis in programming is a very important task.


When machining parts on ordinary machine tools, the procedure of each procedure is defined by the procedure code or the process card. The operator processes the part according to the "procedure" prescribed on the technique card. When machining parts in a small machining center, all the process, process parameters and displacement data to be machined are programmed and recorded in the form of digital information on the control medium (Like perforated tape, disk, etc.) It controls the machining. Thus, CNC machining process and general machining process basically the same in principle, but the entire process of CNC machining is automatic, and thus have their own characteristics.


1) Step-by-step arrangement is more detailed. This is because ordinary machine tools do not have to be considered in the processing technology, such as the steps within the process arrangement, the knife point, tool change point and processing routes.


2) The process is complicated. This is due to the fact that small machining centers are more expensive than normal machine tools. If it is not economically justifiable to process only simple processes, it is often the case that more complex processes are arranged on the CNC machine, even in ordinary machine tools.


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