Sixth China Robotics Summit: Redefining The Next Generation Of Industrial Robots

- May 13, 2019-

On May 9-10, the 6th China Robot Summit was held in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province. Top experts, scholars and executives from all over the world gathered to discuss the latest technology and application opportunities in the field of robotics around the topics of artificial intelligence, robotics, industrial interconnection and intelligent manufacturing, pointing out the direction for the development of China's robotics industry.

New Thoughts on Robots in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

In the past decades, scientists have done a lot of research on humanoid robots and made great progress, but it is still the manipulator that can be used in a large number of applications. In fact, what the market really needs is a specific solution based on artificial intelligence, not humanoid robots, which need to design practical manipulators according to production requirements.

Although humanoid robots encounter great obstacles, another kind of unmanned system has achieved rapid development, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ships and other products, which shows that autonomous intelligent machinery has become a new trend in the development of robots. In recent years, human-computer interaction technology will become more and more abundant, from graphics interaction to visualization technology, speech recognition, motion capture and virtual reality, and so on. These interactive technologies have given birth to an important direction of the development of robots.

Redefining the Next Generation of Industrial Robots

At present, industrial robots are not a complete product. First, they need system integration to be used in industrial scenarios. Secondly, most of them focus on traditional welding and spraying scenarios, while industrial 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing scenarios need autonomous intelligent industrial robots.

With the requirement of individualized production and intelligent production, great changes will take place in industry. Therefore, the next generation of robots should be the combination of intelligent technology and machines, including perception, learning, prediction, decision-making, execution and so on, with good flexibility. Therefore, the new generation of robots is first autonomous intelligence, followed by collaborative intelligent robots, future robots should be able to fully work with people.

In addition to the two directions mentioned above, there is a third aspect, i.e. the network intelligent robot, which realizes the cooperation between human beings and data and logistics, also known as swarm intelligence robot. The swarm intelligence robot is controlled and managed by the distributed cloud brain of the robot brain and the human brain, and finally meets the real needs of the new intelligent manufacturing factory.

Bone Sense of Robot Industry Now, Sexy Future

In recent years, the profits of manufacturing industry are getting thinner and higher, under this background, the manufacturing industry was originally based on safety robots, and then in order to save costs, new changes have taken place, so it will be difficult to make money. For the development of intelligence, there will be three platforms in the future. The first is the hardware platform, which starts with the application scenario to produce a new upgradable, replicable, versatile and flexible robot product. The second is the software platform, which uses big data and information technology to enhance product capabilities. The third is the service platform, which helps users reduce transaction costs, management costs and service costs. After these three platforms are precipitated, the current B2B and manufacturing ecology will be reconstructed.