Shaft Parts Processing

- Jan 11, 2018-

Shaft parts processing

Shafts are one of the typical parts commonly found in machining. It is mainly used in machinery to support gears, pulleys, cams and connecting rods and other transmission parts, to transmit torque. According to the structure of different forms, the shaft can be divided into ladder shaft, taper mandrel, optical axis, hollow shaft, crankshaft, camshaft, eccentric shaft, a variety of lead screw, such as Figure 6-1, Processing technology can more fully reflect the shaft parts processing laws and commonalities. According to the function of shaft parts and working conditions, the technical requirements are mainly in the following areas:

dimensional accuracy Axial parts of the main surface often two categories: one is with the bearing inner ring with the outer journal, that is, support journal, used to determine the location of the shaft and support shaft, high dimensional accuracy, Usually IT 5 ~ IT7; the other is with various types of transmission parts with the journal, that is with the journal, the lower the accuracy, often IT6 ~ IT9.

precision geometry mainly refers to the surface of the journal, the outer conical surface, tapered bore and other important surface of the roundness, cylindricity. The error should generally be limited to within the size tolerances, the precision axis, the parts in the figure required to provide separate geometric accuracy.


mutual position accuracy, including the inner and outer surfaces, the coaxial axis of the important axis, the radial runout of the circle, the important end of the axis of the verticality, parallelism between the end face.


surface roughness of the shaft surface roughness of the processing requirements, generally based on the possibility of processing and economy to determine. Bearing journal often 0.2 ~ 1.6μm, transmission parts with the journal is 0.4 ~ 3.2μm.


other heat treatment, chamfering, chamfering and appearance modification requirements. Second, the shaft parts of the material, rough and heat treatment