See Where A Smart Trip Robot Is Going To Land

- Dec 08, 2017-

See where a smart trip robot is going to land

See where a smart trip robot made by CNC is going to land. Not long ago, the intelligent travel robot D3 was officially unveiled. The advanced intelligent vehicle system with the avant-garde modeling made many people look forward to the future of traveling together with the intelligent robot. As a result, what cities will be landed by D3 will be the focus of the frontiers who are eager to experience the experience of the future.

Recently, the reporter learned from the official informed know beans beans, will be the first in Ningbo, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Changsha 5 landing, then know beans D3 will officially enter into people's daily life, for people to bring fresh air is incognito.

Incognito in New Era

2017 is undoubtedly a key breakthrough and growth of electric vehicles to know beans: patented technology won the national awards, the official new energy automobile production qualification, know beans D2 series product sales in the forefront of the industry, the new step know beans D3 listed, from technology to products from the market to the brand, know beans electric car sounded incognito new era horn.

And know beans D3, will undoubtedly become the symbol and label City incognito in the new era.

Zhi bean D3, intelligent travel robot

As an electric car will speak and think, know beans D3 to achieve the dual interaction, domestic first equipped with Baidu brain NLP artificial intelligence system, the first vehicle startup greeting and vehicle vehicle micro office, voice prompts and voice features such as pictures application; also has the first domestic oneshot and global free wake personalized intelligent voice control system and intelligent voice system of WeChat car before loading; the free flow of monthly 1G, allowing users to enjoy the Internet life in the information age. 

(Jian bean D3 interior)

As the latest generation of leaping products, the D3 has two versions of Dou Dou and Saint bean, and the constant speed is 280KM and 380KM respectively. Know beans D3 set ADAS, traffic recorder, one button call, multifunctional steering wheel, knob electronic shift, electronic intelligent key, window key lifting, lock car automatic window lifting and other functions of jump configuration, bring users a technology, convenient and comfortable driving experience. At the same time, D3 is equipped with keyless entry and start-up system, PM2.5 efficient filter, automatic frequency conversion air conditioning system, and equipped with Blu ray, anti glare intelligent rearview mirror, front windshield electric heating, heat absorbing glass and other popular devices. In addition, in the security configuration, know beans D3 airbags, ABS, EBD, EPS, parking radar, reversing video systems, automatic repair apparatus and other functions Goods are available in all varieties. car prices make people feel, heart. 

Known as "interstellar peas demons", the known bean D3 has a variety of color and rich interior color. There are 8 kinds of "Star" theme, body color, 5 kinds of "Star" theme car cabin, the 4 "Star" type LCD instrument theme interface, giving users a different "star".

Know beans responsible person said, know beans D3 more realize the interaction between the main and assistant driver, many applications allow users to function in the driving process enjoy driving intellectual interest, so as to create a smart travel buddy concept, fully meet the people of the "Yue Zhi" and "quality to enjoy" double pursuit. While many of the highly anticipated consumers know beans D3 represents not only a travel partner, it is a kind of brand-new micro travel life, especially on the first listed five incog lovers, now, this life close at hand.