Precision Parts Processing Requirements

- Aug 30, 2017-

What are the processing requirements for precision parts?

For precision parts, the processing is very strict, the processing process has a knife, knife and so on. For the size of the specific requirements, accuracy is also required, such as 1mm positive and negative how many microns, etc., if the size of the wrong too much will become waste, then the equivalent of re-processing, time-consuming, and sometimes even make the entire processing materials scrapped, This creates an increase in costs, while parts are certainly not used.

For the precision parts of the processing is mainly the size requirements, such as the cylindrical diameter is how much, there are strict requirements, positive and negative errors within the required range is qualified parts, otherwise are substandard parts; length and width are also specific strict Requirements, positive and negative errors are also provided, such as an embedded cylinder (take the most simple basic parts for example), if the diameter is too large, beyond the allowable range of error, it will cause, insert the case, if the actual Diameter is too small, more than the allowable negative limit of the error, and will cause to insert too loose, not a solid problem. These are substandard products, or the length of the cylinder is too long or too short, beyond the allowable range of errors, are substandard products, are to be invalid, or re-processing, which will inevitably lead to increased costs.

The above is the precision parts processing requirements, is the most important size problems, must be strictly in accordance with the additional drawings for processing, processing out of the actual size and the theoretical size of the drawings will certainly not touch the same, but as long as the processing size in the error Within the allowable range are qualified parts, so the precision parts processing requirements is strictly in accordance with the theoretical size of processing.

Followed by advanced precision parts processing equipment and testing equipment, advanced processing equipment makes the processing of precision parts when the more simple, more accurate, better results. The inspection equipment can detect parts that do not meet the requirements, so that all products delivered to the customer really meet the requirements.