Precision Parts Machining Process

- Dec 28, 2017-

Precision parts machining process

Precision parts machining technology: precision parts machining, including the production process, the two aspects of technology; manufacturing process, to be processed out of qualified products, can become a test of the design of the rationality of the parts, to ensure the quality of parts under the premise To develop a good comprehensive technical and economic benefits, as well as a reasonable and feasible process options.


1, the production process: From the design drawings into products, to go through a series of manufacturing processes. The entire process through which raw materials or semi-finished products are usually converted into products is called the production process.


2, the composition of the process: part of the cutting process by a combination of many processes, each process by the station, step, walk and install the composition.


Precision parts machining process


1, the formulation of process requirements and steps: 

Technical procedures is to guide the production of technical documents, process procedures must be economical and reasonable. Parts of the process is part of the machining methods and procedures.


Content: machining technology (heat treatment process), to determine the process used in the machine tool, clamping method, measurement methods, machining allowance, cutting and working hours quota. The various contents of the card to fill in a certain form, this is the mechanical processing procedures, mechanical processing card.


2, parts of the process analysis, the main contents are: 

1) Check the parts drawings are complete and correct, the main part of the analysis of the accuracy of the table, table integrity and technical requirements in the existing production conditions can be achieved.


2) Check the material selection is appropriate parts, it will make the process more difficult and complex.


3) Review the structural workmanship of the part and check if the part structure is machinable economically and efficiently.


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