One CNC Machining Parts Can Attract Curious Eyes, And Provide Customers With Humanized Service

- Nov 25, 2017-

CNC machining is good. When you drive out, unfamiliar, not a smart navigation software guidelines, it will be based on real-time changes in road conditions, avoid congested roads, recommend faster and better route, help you faster to reach the destination. Nowadays, artificial intelligence technology has penetrated into every corner of people's life, and it has provided many conveniences for people to become more and more humanized.

Intelligent robot is undoubtedly the leader in the field of artificial intelligence. It can be roughly divided into two categories: industrial intelligent robot and special intelligent robot. As an important category of special intelligent robots, service intelligent robots are closely related to people's lives.

Today, the tentacles of intelligent robots have been extended to more and more service industries. The day before, a driving school in Shuozhou city on the introduction of the 12 robot coach for driving training. The robot trainer is made up of a computer system, a tablet computer and an antenna. In the course of training, the robot coach is full of civilized language, no longer like the driving coaches in the past, temper, popular with young students. Not only that, the safety coefficient of the robot coach is quite high, which are embedded in the "security protection system for automatic braking technology of automobile, with the throttle, speed limit, mistakenly stepped on the electronic fence, obstacle warning multiple protection function, so as to ensure the safety of students in learning process.

In fact, many catering enterprises and educational institutions also use robots early, such as greeting reception, ordering meals, education accompanying, etc.. This year, some financial institutions and service companies in our province are also trying to use the robot to play the role of customer manager, not only can interact with customers, introduce products and business, but also guide customers to the corresponding areas for business.

In November 1st, a postal savings outlets in Taiyuan city and State Road, the robot "post small adorable" fat between adorable appearance, shuoxuedouchang skills, make people have stopped communicating with. It is reported that this is the first batch of intelligent intelligent service robots imported by Shanxi post this year. It is equipped with the latest artificial intelligence interaction technology, including the integration of speech recognition, speech synthesis and natural language understanding technology, as well as a number of image and voice of artificial intelligence technology, can not only attract the attention of users, but also make the network become relaxed lively atmosphere.

On the same day, in the city of Taiyuan Changfeng street of a health management company, the robot to chubby customers to shop the company's products, and guide customers to the product area for further explanation. Not only that, mounted on a mechanical arm fat, can also according to the staff's instructions for the guests to tea.

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By George Ding