Noble CNC Machined Parts Created Korean Robots

- Jan 26, 2018-

Noble CNC machined parts created Korean robots

According to foreign media reports, LG will launch the 3 "COLi" series of the latest robot products on next Wednesday at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas, USA.


It is reported that the launch of the three robots to serve, carry and guide the shopping function, and will be used in hotels, airports and supermarkets.


But a spokesman for the company said the three robots are still "concept" products, and it will be a long time to go on the market.


LG's new robot has a box shape, a height shorter than human, and moves through a hidden wheel. A bright circular "face" screen in the whole robot top, seems to be not Meng da. In addition, each robot has a touch screen display function that can provide information and receive instructions for people.


One of the three robots developed by LG is serving as a "point meal expert" service robot, which is mainly for fast and efficient catering services for people resting at hotels and airports.


The robot can provide food all weather, and a sliding tray is built to facilitate the user to put food on the tray. Once a confirmation is delivered, the service robot will return on its own.


The other three robots are the transport robots acting as "transporting young men". They are mainly responsible for sending luggage to the rooms of Check Inn Hotel guests, which saves guests much time.