New Technology In Green Machining And Manufacturing

- May 28, 2019-

The goal of green machinery manufacturing is to realize the manufacture, transportation, assembly and recovery of green products, to facilitate the conversion of mechanical products in the whole operation cycle, to reduce negative environmental pollution, to see the consumption of resources, and to improve the harmonious development of economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, in recent years, green manufacturing technology is gradually increasing the "market price".

According to the introduction, the new technologies involved in the current green processing and manufacturing include several categories, namely, Hawker energy environmental protection mechanical processing, remanufacturing mechanical technology and laser cladding, etc.

(1) Hawker can be environmentally friendly mechanical processing. Hawker energy mechanical environmental protection processing is the process of using electric energy conversion, through high-performance, high-efficiency mechanical thermal energy conversion, reduce the mechanical amplitude, improve the efficiency of machinery, ensure composite energy. In the processing of piston rod of hydraulic cylinder, the metal surface processing with Hawker energy technology can improve the production efficiency, ensure the high temperature transformation resistance of metal surface, reduce the wear and tear of mechanical workpiece, improve the composite usability of mechanical workpiece, and realize the stable processing of mechanical parts under different working temperature and pressure. Ensure the rationality of the manufacturing process for environmental protection of machinery.

New Technology in Green Machining and Manufacturing

(2) remanufacturing machinery technology. Remanufacturing machinery technology has a high-tech content of maintenance technology, through strengthening the quality of manufacturing products, improving product performance standards, ensuring product cost savings, material effectiveness, for the reuse of materials for environmental protection manufacturing processing. By means of remanufacturing technology, the function of coal renovation and repair is improved, and the availability value of prototype of mechanical manufacturing products is ensured.

In addition, it can reduce environmental pollution, improve the efficiency of mechanical parts, reduce the process of repeated repair or processing, reduce the labor cost of industrial machinery processing and use, and improve the practicability and accuracy of mechanical manufacturing. Utilizing mechanical processing technology, improving the development of recycling machinery technology, improving the manufacturing process of mechanical technology, and improving the concept of green and environmental protection of machinery.

(3) Laser cladding technology. Laser cladding can effectively improve the relationship between laser density and basic materials, ensure the relationship between the surface of mechanical materials and metal smelting, realize the reasonable repairing effect of laser cladding technology, reduce the defect of parts and improve the repairing effect. It can also effectively reduce the replacement frequency of parts, improve the service life of mechanical parts, strengthen the treatment of damaged parts, ensure the effect of laser cladding, and ensure the environmental protection of machinery.