Material Fixing Technique For CNC Engraving Machine

- May 14, 2019-

Material fixing technique for CNC engraving machine.

What are the techniques for fixing materials during CNC engraving? Here are the Dingyi CNC engraving machine manufacturers to teach you a few tricks to easily solve the fixed problem:

1. Since the CNC engraving machine is often equipped with multi-function pliers or chucks, and they are made of iron, it is easy to damage the workpiece or cause it to slip during the carving process. Then choose some rubber caps. Or a rubber tube for the fixing of the finished carving will help.

2. Check whether the selected pliers or chucks are used correctly. At the same time, the wear of the CNC engraving machine pliers or chucks will also lead to the misalignment of the engraved objects. If the pliers or the chuck is too tight, the moment the blade touches the engraved object will also cause the ejected object to pop out.

3. For those irregularly shaped engraved objects, the surface seems to have been fixed very tightly, and will also sway back and forth when subjected to downforce. At this point, you can try to put some scrap under the object to increase friction. The other is to keep the package that comes with the item. Although the object is irregularly shaped, the package itself may be very regular and easy to be fixed, plus a small strip of tape. The irregularly shaped object is very It is easy to be fixed. Or try to fix the part of the rule and discard its irregular parts.

4. If the downforce received by the engraved object is very large, consider whether you must use a cone-shaped knife nose. If the diamond head of the engraving machine moves too much during the engraving process, the pressure on the side of the tool will be Causes the movement of the engraved objects. If you use an incorrect diamond knife, it will cause the same problem. A 90 or 100 degree diamond knife will dig deep into the material, allowing the material to move during the engraving process.