Main Features Of Aviation Parts

- Jan 31, 2018-

Compared with other industrial products, aviation products have some notable features of parts, which determines the characteristics of aeronautic parts CNC machining technology and the direction of development. These features are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) complex product types, with small quantities, diversified features. Because of the complex structure of modern aircraft, parts variety, and aircraft development is usually small-scale production, it cannot use large-scale assembly line production methods to improve efficiency and reduce costs, so aviation parts CNC machining must also be adapted to this feature.

(2) the structure tends to be complicated and integrated, the process is difficult and the machining is complicated. The advancement of modern numerical control technology makes the design of aviation parts more complicated and integrated, simplifying the assembly and improving the structural performance, which also puts forward higher requirements on the numerical control technology.

(3) The thinning, the large-scale prominent features, and the deformation control is critical. In order to control the weight of the aircraft, a significant feature of the aircraft parts is the thin-walled design, on the other hand, the aircraft also makes large parts of the structure tends to be large, there have been many large parts, machining and deformation became prominent contradiction.

(4) large amount of material removal, cutting efficiency problems prominent. Aircraft parts material removal are generally more than 90%, cutting efficiency on the production cycle and cost a greater impact.

(5) high quality control requirements. Due to the high security requirements of Aviation parts, the product quality control is very strict.

(6) product variety of materials. With the development of materials and metallurgy technology, the application range and dosage of high strength titanium alloy, composite materials and the like are being gradually expanded, and a wide range of requirements are put forward for the adaptability of aviation numerical control machining technology.

(7) large structural pieces of raw material high value, quality risk.


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