Machinery Manufacturing Process

- Dec 01, 2017-

Machinery manufacturing process is the metal cutting, milling and turning process is the tool and workpiece mutual movement, the process of interaction.

The relative movement of the tool and the workpiece can be broken down into two aspects, one is the main movement and the other is the feed movement. The workpiece and the tool to make relative movement and cutting the most important movement, known as the main movement. The speed of the main movement of the selected point relative to the workpiece on the cutting edge is called the cutting speed. The main movement is characterized by the highest movement speed, maximum power consumption. The main movement is generally only one.

Cutting metal to ensure continuous movement, known as the feed movement. The relative displacement between the workpiece and the tool in the direction of feed movement per revolution or per stroke of the workpiece or tool is called the feed rate. Feed movement is characterized by low speed, low power consumption. Feed motion can have a few, can be continuous exercise, it can be intermittent exercise.

The metal cutting process is carried out by cutting the workpiece by the cutting tool. In the cutting process, the cutting edge of the tool in a pass from the workpiece to be machined surface cut metal layer, known as the cutting layer. Cutting section size is called the cutting layer parameters.

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By Nicole