Limit Analysis Of Remote Control Safe Distance Of UAV

- Aug 18, 2017-

UAVs, as a device that relies on wireless signaling for remote control, are often affected by the environment while the performance is degrading or even causing the risk of flying, so we often need to have a remote control limit for UAVs Understand that in the daily flight which can set aside some room for development, to avoid accidents, so how to find the limits of UAV, the following give you a detailed chat.

It is very important and necessary to be fully prepared before the actual flight, and the UAVs often encounter many difficult situations when they are flying, so they need to respond to the situation that may occur. Prepared, the following for everyone to list some of the most common flight conditions.

When the UAV in the over-the-horizon flight, reached the edge of the remote control signal, UAV security mechanism will automatically return to the UAV, when the UAV in the process of automatic return, there are many failures or frying Accidents are set to return the height is too low, resulting in buildings, mountains, towers and other objects collided, the correct approach is to pre-calculate the height of the flight, set the appropriate return height. For example, after calculating the remote control distance, the target distance is 5KM, flying height of 300 meters in the vicinity, due to the flight through the mountain, rice peaks collided, the return of the height is also controlled at 300 meters near the mountain.

By keeping the UAV flight height and the flight distance, we can clearly see that the flying altitude of the UAV is closely related to the obstacle position in front of us. According to the Pythagorean theorem in mathematics, and the formula of the proportional triangles, when the straight line distance is infinite, the height H of the UAV is limited by the program (500 meters high), the angle tends to be very small, even equal to 0, so want to fly unmanned aerial vehicles, it is necessary to meet the two conditions, height and UAV flying angle, the smaller the angle, the farther away from the flight. So the best front can not have obstacles, no, the height will rise, but also bring a very large wind resistance, the return is not easy.

The best flight is to choose to fly on the roof, open field of vision, to avoid the signal is disturbed or blocked, the height of the flight control 300 meters away from the ground, the top of the building, to avoid bumps to buildings or peaks and other obstacles , At the same time according to the speed of flight when the flight can determine the flight process, is in the wind or against the wind, or cross the wind. To avoid the wind forward, because both the wind or the wind, the wind speed will hinder the advance, so that the flight speed slows down, increase the battery power consumption, the relative risk when returning.