Interpretation Of The Solution Of Buy Radish Family To Accompany The Entertainment Robot

- Dec 01, 2017-

CNC machining parts make up of entertainment robots. In November 23, 2017, in 2017 eighteenth China International Building Intelligence Summit in Beijing on the field, RobotZero CEO to Tadahiro disclosed, as application developers service robot is the most leading and most comprehensive service robot application solutions provider, after more than three years of technology development, application testing and pilot project partners, the integration of resources, RobotZero has the ability of large-scale commercial applications, in November 20, 2017 launched a foreign service robot includes six industry applications, general business wisdom health pension, wisdom Hotel, real estate, smart community characteristics, text brigade town family companion, entertainment solutions, RobotZero also became the service robot solutions the rich, the largest category, application of robot landing fastest service machine Human company.

RobotZero service robot application solution can provide the most advanced service robot products, including the RobotZero has become a well-known service robot application software development partners: Nao robot Pepper robot application software developers, application software development business, Ecovacs commercial robot application software developers, software developers, service robot husky halk Luther robot application software developers PadBot, application developers, and commercial robot developed in collaboration with Rokid, white, son of fish in the home, cloud, future angel, pangolin, Guangzhou today, a boat, hit robot, Beijing Polytechnic, Huahui black box etc..

The RobotZero service robot application solution, launched in November 20, 2017, has covered six major industry applications, including:

1, the "robot zero" commercial service robot solutions (finance, retail, office);

2, the "Cambrian" health care service robot solutions;

3, "robot Butler" service robot wisdom Hotel solutions;

4, "1000" real estate wisdom of community service robot solutions;

5, the "robot base" features text brigade town service robot solutions;

6, "buy the radish" family companion entertainment service robot solutions

The service robot solutions in every industry application area have their own complete scheme design, robot product selection, application software selection and configuration plan, deployment process, service specification and training course, which is a complete system plan delivery.

"Buy Radish" family companion entertainment service robot solutions mainly with intelligent Home Furnishing delivery system company, entertainment service robot diversification for home users, operations and customer service and interactive presentation, content delivery and update, service robots provide perfect service.

The "buy Radish" family to accompany the entertainment service robot solution will also sell robots to family users, but it is not just a sale of robots. "Buy Radish" is a family companion service brand entertainment service robot sales, an independent domain name, registered trademarks, online sales, cable service, there are different types of robot, the more RobotZero for the platform software and application software development direction of family entertainment company. The key is that "buy Radish" family accompany entertainment service robot has the function of smart home connection and control, thanks to "buy Radish" using RobotZero's robot housekeeper robot and smart home connection middleware.

By George Ding