Intelligent Wheelchair Using Electronic Equipment Tilt Sensor

- Aug 30, 2017-

Wheelchairs are a means of transport designed for physically handicapped and physically handicapped people, with the aim of enabling them to have the same opportunity to participate in social activities. Traditional wheelchairs need to rely on manpower to drive and control, so it is not easy to use. Especially with the ramp and the road and other special environmental conditions, will undoubtedly increase the user's difficulty. With the rapid application and development of sensing and control technology, a new generation of intelligent wheelchair has been based on the automatic walking, by adding such as the tilt sensor type of attitude measurement device, to achieve a stable automatic control and regulation.

In a smart wheelchair, the power is provided by a motor powered by a battery; the speed of the wheelchair is measured by the speed sensor's measurement and control of the motor speed. However, for the actual situation, this is far from enough, intelligent wheelchair also need to be based on the sensor attitude measurement data, automatically make adjustments and control to simplify the user's operation, improve the use of performance.

In the attitude detection product, the inclination sensor for the tilt measurement can be based on the measured slope angle when the intelligent wheelchair encounters up / down. By controlling the output power of the motor and the braking device, provide the appropriate driving force (uphill) or braking force (downhill) for different ramp conditions. In addition, the tilt sensor can also be in the wheelchair walking in the excessive tilt alarm, so as to ensure the stability and safety of the automatic travel process.