Intelligent Robot Made By CNC Machining

- Jan 11, 2018-

intelligent robot made by CNC machining

According to BBC, the first appearance of the new LG robot, Cloi, in the CES conference, has been repeatedly mistaken during the presentation. In addition to scintillation, Cloi did not respond to three consecutive instructions. Experts say the demo is a "disastrous" appearance of Cloi and is a teasing topic in social media.

Cloi is the core product of LG of the show, it's on the show the new artificial intelligence technology to improve the use of kitchen appliances, unexpectedly repeatedly made a fool of myself.

This is the first press conference on CES in Las Vegas. Companies such as Samsung, Intel, HTC and SONY all published their products on the first day.

How many robots are there in the world?

After years of rapid growth, the total population of the earth has exceeded 7 billion 500 million, and what about the robots that let musk and Hocking worry about it? Can they really get domination in such a huge "sea of people", even with the help of AI to crush all the human intelligence and physical strength?

So we also think of the question: how many robots are there on earth now?

The data showed that the number of "population" of the global robot was close to 300 thousand in 2016, and HSBC expected the total number to increase to 414 thousand in 2019. Now, the annual growth rate of global robots is about 15%, and China is the biggest engine to promote the boom in the robot market. However, the real beneficiaries of the outbreak of the Chinese robot market are European and Japanese companies.

And required deep plowing smart new retail: push the first commercial service robot

At the moment, more and more service robots are appearing in department stores, airports, hotels, supermarkets, large meetings, and other occasions. In January 6th, the company required robot and even family held "hire two thousand robots, build smart new retail work" ceremony, 2150 Taiwan and required Cruzr robot work in EASYHOME official posts hundred thousand shops.

Cruzr entered the home service robot is required and after the launch of the first commercial service robot. According to reports, the Cruzr robot can provide customers with the store location information, shopping guide, brand services such as shopping guide and guide service, also can provide self-service promotions, membership card and other functions, to ease the peak of the business manpower shortage situation, effectively improve the service efficiency of the store.

The rice hare building robot won the grand prize again and wanted to buy it

In January 2018, millet ecological chain products "m rabbit robotics crawler mecha" and "finger blocks" both won American Tillywig Toy & Media Awards di Liweige toy award. The rice rabbit Parents Favorite block robot mecha Products (most parents favorite toy product award), Best creative fun (finger blocks the most creative fun prize).

M rabbit robotics crawler mecha by more than block parts built, each piece of parts by the zero draft process produced by this process means can make precision control within 0.005mm. In terms of operation, the product adopts programming + remote control mode. Besides mobile device control, it can also make more instructions by graphical programming. Through unlimited programming and modeling, you can create your "exclusive robot".