How To Prevent Metal Parts Machining Deformation

- Dec 21, 2017-

How to prevent metal parts machining deformation

Mechanical machining during machining will generally prevent the deformation of sets of parts to make the appropriate process measures, the structural features of sets of parts is the hole wall thickness is thin, thin-walled sets of parts in the processing, often due to clamping force. Cutting force and thermal deformation caused by the deformation. To prevent deformation often taken - some technical measures:


The rough, finishing separately, in order to reduce the cutting force and cutting heat, so that rough machining deformation can be corrected in the finishing.


Reduce the impact of clamping force, in the process to take the following measures to reduce the impact of clamping force:


When using radial clamping, the clamping force should not focus on a radial section of the workpiece, but should be distributed in a larger area to reduce the workpiece per unit area to withstand the clamping force. If the workpiece can be installed in an appropriate thickness of the open ring, together with the ring clamp. Special jaws that increase the contact area can also be used. To hole positioning, should be used to open the mandrel folder.


Clamping force position should be selected in the parts of the rigid parts to improve the deformation of thin-walled parts under the action of clamping force.


Change the direction of clamping force, the radial clamping to axial clamping.


In the workpiece made of reinforced rigid process boss or process threads to reduce the clamping deformation, machining with a special structure of the claw clamping, the end of the machining will be cut off the edge.


Reduce the cutting force on the deformation:


Increasing the main tool offset angle and the main anterior horn, so that the blade sharp machining, reducing the radial cutting force.


The rough, finishing separate, so that rough machining deformation can be corrected in the finishing, and to take a smaller amount of cutting.


Both inside and outside the circle surface machining, the cutting force offset.


Heat treatment on roughing and finishing between such arrangements can reduce the impact of heat treatment deformation; Heat treatment sets of parts will generally have a larger deformation, finishing can be corrected, but should pay attention to properly increase the finishing allowance.

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