How To Ensure The Quality Of CNC Machining Parts

- Dec 22, 2017-

How To Ensure The Quality Of CNC Machining Parts

Prior to commencing CNC machining, process engineers add support structures as needed and orient components to optimize the quality of key features.

Pre-production: Improve quality before production begins

When we received the customer's part drawings or samples, quality control began. In a short period of time, the processing and forming orders provide accurate and reasonable quotes.

With Noble's more than 10 CNC machining experiences, analyzing the structure before CNC part machining helps to optimize part design and incorporates design considerations into recommended changes such as undercutting, draft addition, reduced wall thickness Or modify the surface finish, all of which help improve manufacturability and avoid the costly rework of molds. This structural analysis also helps to reduce manufacturing risk before any actual production begins, and is the first step in this pre-production quality control.

Once the order is placed, production will proceed in an orderly manner to ensure that delivery times are met. The part related to this delivery and scheduling is traceability. Strict documentation, recording, and revision control are critical to the digital quality system as threads are moving toward the actual manufacturing of manufacturing floorplans and components.

What does this traceability involve? Each project uses a detailed form to track it. CAD models and configuration checklists are records of customer needs and Noble processors can refer to these data at any time during the manufacturing process. In addition, key part dimensions (x, y, z range) record settings and quality control during manufacturing.

As the final pre-production step to ensure the production of high quality parts, the internal design and production analysts review the part design. Determine the location of tools and fixtures, design molds (for forming), analyze fixtures (for machining), create part orientations and support structures through software programs to the production floor before the toolpaths and digital instructions move the virtual part.

Noble as a professional CNC machining manufacturers, has been committed to various types of intelligent components, including robot parts, including mechanical parts processing, at home and abroad have well-known robot companies such as Ford, Dajiang UAV provided a high-quality, Efficient CNC machining services.