How To Divide The Process Of CNC Machining?

- Jan 31, 2018-

The division of CNC machining process can generally be carried out according to the following methods:

(1) Tool centralized sequencing method

Is divided by the use of cutting tools, using the same tool finished all the parts can be completed on the site. In the second knife, the third to complete the other parts they can be completed. This can reduce the number of tool change, compression free time, reduce unnecessary positioning error.

(2) To machining parts method

For machining a lot of parts, according to the structural characteristics of the machining part is divided into several parts, such as shape, shape, surface or plane. Generally the first plane, positioning surface, post-machining hole; the first machining of simple geometric shapes, and then machining of complex geometric shapes; the first machining of low precision parts, and then machining parts of higher accuracy.

(3) To coarse, fine finishing method

For parts prone to deformation, due to the possible deformation after roughing and need to carry out the shape, so generally have to rough, finishing the process must be separated.

In summary, in the division process, we must depend on the structure and technology of parts, machine tools, CNC machining content of the number of parts, the number of installation and the organization of production and organization of flexible grasp. Another proposal to adopt the principle of centralized procedures or the use of scattered principles, according to the actual situation to determine, but must strive to be reasonable.


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