How To Customize CNC Machining Programs?

- Dec 22, 2017-

How to customize CNC machining programs?

CNC machining program is to guide the manufacture of important documents, it is to ensure the quality of parts processing, design drawings to meet the requirements of a great role. At the same time, it can also improve the efficiency and reduce the cost on the basis of ensuring the processing quality.

CNC machining programs customized steps are:

1, Analysis of parts of the work plans and product assembly drawings

Understand the use of the product, performance and working conditions, the location of parts in the product, features and technical requirements to be clear, which is based CNC machining.

2, Technology review

Process reviews, which are related to the accuracy and quality of the product processing afterwards, require a review of the dimensions, views and technical integrity of the drawings to determine whether their technical requirements are scientific, reasonable and appropriate.

3, Determine the type of blank and manufacturing methods

The basis for determining the rough is the role of the part in the product, the structural characteristics and dimensions of the part itself, the process characteristics of the part material and the production batch of the part. Often used in the types of blank castings, forgings, welded parts, stampings and profiles, and so on.

4, The development of CNC machining process

Mainly include: select the positioning benchmark, determine the processing method, arrange the processing sequence and arrange heat treatment, inspection and other processes and so on.

5, To determine the processes required by the machine tool and process equipment
Process equipment includes a fixture, knives, measuring tools, aids. In ensuring the quality of parts processing premise, and the production volume and production beats to each other. Noble recommends prioritizing the use of standardized process equipment and making the most of existing conditions to reduce manufacturing costs. For a special machine tool or group of equipment that must be retrofitted or redesigned, a design task statement should be presented on the basis of economic analysis.

6, determine the allowance for each process, calculate the process size and tolerance

7, Determine the amount of cutting

Principle: to ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness of parts, give full play to the cutting performance of cutting tools, and ensure the reasonable tool durability; and give full play to the performance of machine tools to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

8, To determine the working hours quotas

According to the production conditions of enterprises, formulate a reasonable level that most workers can reach and approach through their efforts.