How Strong Is China’s UAV? Iraq Humvee Was Destroyed By A China UAV

- Sep 14, 2017-


Early in 2010 , various of UAVs developed by China had struck a pose on the stage during the 2010 aviation exhibition. At that time, over 10 kinds of UAVs exhibited by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation(CASC)attracted much attention. One of them called WJ-600 was firstly shown as a real body. According to experts, this stealth UAV which can implement high speed penetration stands for China’s new technology in the field of intelligent control military aircraft.


Recently, a video that shows a China UAV blew up a Humvee has made a big hit on the Internet. The UAV designed and manufactured by China dropped a miniature bomb and it hit the interior of Humvee and triggered a big explosion. In the lately video, the militants select to attack the Humvee instead of the M1 tank.


It is probably because the bomb transformed from a 40mm grenade has less damage and it is difficult to cause even greater harm. But there is often a machine gun shooting seat on the top of Humvee, so hitting this position is more likely to create bigger wounding effects.


Indeed, under the influence of wind and the asymmetric bomb and other conditions, there may be some deviation. But at this time, the UAV sent the bomb into the interior of Humvee directly.


With the development of science and technology, UAVs have been more and more widely used in an asymmetric war and have won good reputation among soldiers. Because UAVs can carry out the most dangerous mission, once used for military, its role in the modern battlefield is immeasurable.