How Ministry Of Industry And Information Judges CNC Machining Technology

- Dec 21, 2017-

How Ministry of industry and information judges CNC machining technology

In the next three years, the Ministry of industry and information will make great efforts to make great efforts to promote the core technology and landmark products of artificial intelligence, and the intelligent family service robot is the key point. By 2020, batch production and application of intelligent home service robot, medical rehabilitation, the elderly and the disabled robot prototype production.


The change of the artificial intelligence to the society often starts from the side. With the breakthrough of sensing and data technology, a series of intelligent family service robots have come out successively, and the lives of the people are convenient.


Click on the mobile phone screen for remote control, and the sweeping robot can clean up. Based on unmanned sensing technology, 360 sweeping robots can draw a map of indoor cleaning and intelligent planning tasks. Deng Qiuwei, the 360 smart home president, said that under a given test environment, the sweeping rate of sweeping robots was 93.39%.


Not only the room is clean, but the personalized food will be replaced by the robot. By inserting the cooking procedure of hundreds of dishes and setting up the technology of automatic stir frying and intelligent control of oil fume, the Joyoung stir fry robot makes cooking more simple.


Xie Shaofeng, director of the Ministry of information and software service industry, said that the intelligent family service robot as a breakthrough for AI application is to drive the industry with market demand and accelerate the development of the industry. In the future, we will deepen the application of AI technology in smart home, health management, mobile intelligent terminals and vehicle products, and promote the upgrading of information consumption.


The Ministry proposed, in the intelligent home service robot, focusing on key technology research and development of intelligent interactive, intelligent operation, multi computer cooperation, promote clean, care, rehabilitation, elderly, disabled children's education in the field of intelligent robot, to 2020 to achieve mass production and application.


In addition, it will also promote the integrated applications of intelligent products in the fields of industry, medicine, transportation, agriculture and so on.