How Many Robots Made By CNC Machining In The World

- Jan 11, 2018-

How many robots made by CNC machining in the world

After years of rapid growth, the total population of the earth has exceeded 7 billion 500 million, and what about the robots that let musk and Hocking worry about it? Can they really get domination in such a huge "sea of people", even with the help of AI to crush all the human intelligence and physical strength?


So we also think of the question: how many robots are there on earth now?


Now, let's answer the data together.


The data showed that the number of "population" of the global robot was close to 300 thousand in 2016, and HSBC expected the total number to increase to 414 thousand in 2019. Now, the annual growth rate of global robots is about 15%, and China is the biggest engine to promote the boom in the robot market. However, the real beneficiaries of the outbreak of the Chinese robot market are European and Japanese companies.

According to HSBC's research report, Asia has an absolute advantage in the use of robots. More than half of the world's robots live there, most of which are rooted in China. The main suppliers of these robots include ABB of Sweden, Japan FANUC and Yaskawa electric appliance.


"Chinese is the world's largest market for industrial robots, it swallowed up at least 30% of global demand." HSBC believes that the rapid growth of Chinese robots is determined by the macro environment, after all, workers' salaries have been rising in recent years. The aging society is coming, and the government has also formulated a number of preferential policies for the development of robots.


"Only a year ago, the output of Chinese robots increased by 58%." HSBC wrote in the report.


Such a strange relationship between supply and demand of the robot world will split into two halves, China is the world's largest robot buyers, while Japan and Europe became super seller. "Our conclusion is clear, Japanese and European companies dominate in technology are the key factors to their invincible. The Chinese robot manufacturers have their own unique advantages in the middle and low end market, and the automation logistics is the best example. However, the competition is still growing. At the same time, Chinese companies are trying to narrow the gap through acquisitions. "


In addition, HSBC has another conclusion that although China is far ahead of the number of robots, it is still catching up with the west, and there is still a big gap between China and the US and Europe in terms of robot usage and density.