Household Service Robot Made By CNC

- Dec 27, 2017-

Household Service Robot made by CNC

The home service robot is one of the most rapidly developing fields in the service robot industry. The Chinese service robot industry started relatively late, and the level of city and urban and rural residents consumption capacity of the base is not high, coupled with the impact of the concept of consumption, household cleaning are mostly based on the traditional way of manual cleaning or ordinary vacuum equipment, home service robot with sweeping robot as the representative of the current market in Chinese low permeability. According to statistics, the product penetration rate of Chinese family service robots in coastal cities is only 5%, while that of inland cities is only 0.4%. There is still a big gap compared with developed countries.


With the gradual increase of people's purchasing power, and 80/90 generation has gradually become the main force of consumption, changes in residents' consumption concept has also undergone a subtle, specific performance of service robots and other intelligent products demand significantly enhanced; at the same time, the fast pace of urbanization brings the city life leads people to reduce the time of housework, the rigid requirements of the domestic robot also appeared; and technological progress makes the intelligent service robot is improved rapidly, so as to better meet consumer demand for intelligent Home Furnishing pain point. In the aspect of technology, the mobile Internet era, so that people with intelligent mobile phone as a mobile terminal to achieve remote control of home service robot and intelligent hardware, significantly improve the people for intelligent products and user experience, which will develop with the home service robot industry networking and intelligent Home Furnishing life together. In recent years, the market demand for family service robots in China has been growing rapidly.


According to the Industry Research Institute released "2017-2022 years Chinese Home Service Robot Market Outlook Survey and Investment Strategy Research Report" shows that in 2013 2014, China's robot vacuum cleaner sales of approximately 790 million yuan, 1 billion 530 million yuan, as of 2015 the robot cleaner has annual sales of nearly 2 billion 780 million yuan, sales of 2 million 68 thousand Taiwan; 2016, China the robot cleaner has annual sales of 4 billion 340 million yuan, annual sales reached 3 million 73 thousand units. It is expected that 2017 the retail volume of robot vacuum cleaner in China will reach 533 thousand and 500, and the sales volume will reach 38 billion 240 million yuan.