Hardware Composition Of UAV Flight Control System

- Aug 30, 2017-

Flight control computer is the core component of UAV navigation flight control system. That as a UAV lovers you understand its structure? Today UAV will give you open to you to see.

1, the main processing controller. Mainly through the type of processor (MPU), microprocessors (MCU), digital signal processor (DSP). With the development of FPGA technology, a considerable number of main processors will FPGA and processor can be a powerful main processing controller.

2, secondary power supply. The secondary power supply is a key part of the flight control computer. Flight control computer secondary power supply is generally 5V, ± 15V and other DC power supply voltage, and unmanned power of a power supply according to the different models of different, to a power supply according to different models of different large differences, to a power supply to transform The The integrated switching power supply module is now commonly used.

3, analog input / output interface. The analog input interface circuit will signal the analog input of each sensor input, gain conversion, analog / digital (A / D) conversion, the microprocessor to the corresponding processing. Analog signals can generally be divided into two types of DC analog and AC modulation signals. The analog output interface circuit is used to convert the digital control signal into an analog control signal that can be recognized by the servo, including analog / digital conversion, amplitude conversion, and drive circuit.

4, discrete interface. The discrete input circuit is used to convert the binary signals inside and outside the flight control computer into signals compatible with the microprocessor operating level.

5, communication interface. For converting the received serial data into data that can be read by the host processor or converting the data to be transmitted by the host processor into corresponding data. Flight control between the computer and the sensor can be RS232 / RS422 / RS485 or ARINC429 bus communication, with the continuous development of technology, 1553B bus and other bus communication will also be applied to the UAV system.

6, redundancy management. UAV redundancy type flight control computer for more than double redundant configuration. The redundancy support circuit is used to support the redundant operation of the airborne computer, including the information exchange circuit between the channel computers, the synchronization indication circuit, the channel fault logic synthesis circuit and the failover circuit. The information exchange circuit between the channel computers is an information path for sharing information between two channels of flight control computers. The synchronization indication circuit is a synchronous circuit that synchronizes the synchronization between the computers. Channel fault logic synthesis circuit will be software monitoring and hardware monitoring circuit to complete the monitoring results, his output for fault switching and fault indication.

7, heating circuit. Usually used in the work environment beyond the industrial grade temperature range of flight control computer, to meet the heating circuit required power and heating mode needs.

8, the detection interface. Flight control computer should be left with the appropriate interface, convenient and first-line testing equipment, second-line detection equipment connected.

9, flight control computer chassis. It directly affects the computer's ability to resist harsh environments as well as reliability, maintainability, and service life.