ELID Mirror Surface Grinding Process Analysis Of Metal Parts

- May 09, 2018-

ELID mirror surface grinding process principle and method analysis of metal parts.


ELID grinding systems include: metal bond ultra-fine grain superabrasive grinding wheel, electrolytic dressing power supply, electrolytic trimming electrode, electrolyte (also known as grinding fluid), electric brush and machine tool equipment. During the grinding process, the grinding wheel is connected to the positive pole of the power supply through the connecting brush. The dressing electrode installed on the machine tool is connected to the negative pole of the power supply, and the electrolyte is poured between the grinding wheel and the electrode. In this way, the power supply, grinding wheel, electrode and grinding wheel The electrolyte between the electrodes forms a complete electrochemical system.


When grinding with ELID, there are special requirements for the grinding wheel, power supply and electrolyte used. It is required that the bonding agent of the grinding wheel has good conductivity and electrolysis, the hydroxide or oxide of the bonding agent element is non-conducting, and it is insoluble in water. The power source used for ELID grinding can be electrolytic power-processed DC power supply or various Waveform pulse power or DC base pulse power.


In the ELID grinding process, in addition to the grinding fluid, the electrolyte plays a role in lowering the temperature in the grinding zone and reducing the friction. ELID grinding generally uses water-soluble grinding fluid, and is entirely based on the mechanical properties of the bonding agent grinding wheel. The strength is high. By setting a suitable amount of electrolysis, the wear of the grinding wheel is small. At the same time, high shape accuracy can be achieved.