Development History, Production Method And Application Of Spiral Bevel Gear Processing

- May 08, 2019-

Development history, production method and application of spiral bevel gear processing.

The spiral bevel gear is just one of the gear transmissions, but its geometric relationship is the most complicated and the processing method is the most complicated. With the evolution and rise and fall of the spiral bevel gear processing method, we can see the mutual promotion and influence between different technologies. The spiral bevel gear becomes a key component due to its application in automotive differential transmission. With the great development of the automotive industry and the aviation industry, spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears are used in large quantities, requiring both high productivity and high precision. The machining of spiral bevel gears was developed in this context.

The spiral bevel gear is milled by the intermittent split tooth method. For many years, China has been producing spiral bevel gear milling machines, which are characterized by relatively low price and can meet the general industrial requirements. Gleason Corporation of the United States is a well-known manufacturer of spiral bevel gear milling machines. Gleason milling machines and Gleason gear systems are widely used in various vehicles.

Cycloidal bevel gears are machined by continuous tooth division. Klingelnberg metrically produces a long outer cycloidal bevel gear milling machine, which forms a Cyclo-palloid (cycloid-quasi-involute) tooth system, which is characterized by a double-layer cutterhead. The offset between the center of rotation of the cutting blade (concave surface of the machining tooth) and the center of rotation of the inscribed blade (the convex surface of the machining tooth) adjusts the contact area of the tooth surface. Oerlikom also produces a long outer cycloidal bevel gear milling machine, which features a tool spindle tilt to control the contact area of the tooth flanks.

Due to the widespread use of computers, various manufacturers sell gear milling machines as well as gear design and milling machine adjustment software. Some of the most advanced milling machines use full CNC milling technology. Obviously, what kind of gearing is used depends entirely on which gear milling machine is used. The selection and configuration of the milling machine depends on the price of the product and the milling machine. There are several options for coexistence in a country.