CNC Prototype Machining Technology

- Jan 24, 2018-

CNC prototype machining technology

CNC Prototype machining is a traditional machining method to cut off the excess material in the whole material. In the Prototype machining industry, CNC Prototype machining generally for large parts and appearance of the plate, CNC Prototype machining materials are widely available ABS, PMMA, POM, PC, PA (nylon), PP, PU, (transparent material), etc.; CNC Prototype low cost, machining of materials with high strength, high temperature, high toughness, transparency and other requirements, while making aluminum and other metal Prototype; Moreover, CNC models of various forms of surface treatment, such as grinding, spraying, painting, Polishing, silk screen, electroplating, the effect of the mold can be produced with the product comparable to the appearance, assembly, functional verification, can reach the final design intent of the customer. Therefore, the CNC model making has become the mainstream machining mode of the modern hand machining, CNC machining hand, with the CNC machining of steel is very different, CNC machining palm is to make a true reflection of the customer's design intention of the work piece, and CNC machining is Only one side, that is, front and back mold and process complex and cumbersome.


CNC prototype machining commonly used in mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, small appliances and electronic computer peripheral products prototype, can also produce large complex product function test standard parts, such as air conditioners, color TVs, keyboards, monitors, audio, medical equipment, Auto parts and other products.


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