CNC Precision Parts Machining Matters Need Attention

- Dec 13, 2017-

CNC precision parts machining matters need attention

CNC precision parts machining center equipment from the main compact machine, high-density AC servo motor, high-precision magnetic encoder, servo unit and motion control system 5 most of the components. The distinguishing feature is its lightweight form factor, complete functionality in addition to the automatic magazine, and performance specifications of conventional CNC machining centers.

If the power indicator light (green) is off when the power of the CNC precision parts machining center can’t be turned on, the fuses F1 and F2 of the power supply unit have been blown, this is caused by the input high voltage or the components of the power supply unit itself are damaged. CNC machining center unit has two lights on the power, one is the power indicator light, green, one is the power alarm light, red, here said the power unit, including the power input unit and the power control section.

CNC precision parts machining center input voltage is low. Please check the voltage into the power supply unit, the allowable voltage of AC 200V + 10%, 50HZ ± 1HZ, bad power supply unit, there is a yuan damage, the power indicator light, non-standard parts processing alarm lights disappear, but the power can’t be switched, this time because the power is turned on (ON) conditions are not satisfied.

CNC precision parts machining in order to improve the cutting performance, both at home and abroad have developed a wire cutting machine dedicated copper wire, some of which are within the brass wire, the outer coating of zinc alloy with lower melting point, when the fire discharge larger vaporization explosion force, is a high cutting speed of wire cutting, the specification is (0.10 ~ 0.30) mm. Similarly, when cutting fine grooves or smaller fillet, you can use tungsten wire or molybdenum wire, the minimum diameter of up to 0.02 ~ 0.06mm.

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