CNC Machining Technology Creates Service Robot

- Dec 21, 2017-

CNC machining technology creates service robot

According to the Ministry of industry and information, the Ministry of industry and Commerce will make great breakthroughs in the core technology and symbolic products of AI in the next three years. Intelligent family service robots are the key. By 2020, batch production and application of intelligent home service robot, medical rehabilitation, the elderly and the disabled robot prototype production.


China is facing the problem of increasing labor cost and aging, and the market space of the service robot industry is gradually opening, and the opportunity appears. In particular, with the improvement of the living standards of our residents, the service robots will speed up the search for more application scenarios. Service robots can meet some social needs, such as patients' recovery, and have potential markets in individuals, families, and public services.


In the field of service robots, China is expected to take the lead in the transition from followers to leaders. The core strengths of China's development of service robots include: mature and complete electronic industry chain, making domestic service robot products have obvious cost advantages compared with overseas products. The demand for service robots in the Chinese market will continue to be booming, benefiting from consumption upgrades and labor shortages.


With the improvement of the core technology of artificial intelligence and the continuous improvement of the industrial chain, the price of service robots will fall, and the service robots will go into thousands of families. According to the IFR forecast, the 2016-2019 - year service robot will have a market size of $50 billion, which will have greater market space than industrial robots. According to the report released by the Ministry of industry and commerce, the service robot market in China has entered a stage of rapid growth. It is estimated that the annual sales of service robots will exceed 30 billion yuan by 2020.


Service robot industry is still in the early stages of development, but also need time to perfect the industry chain related hardware and software infrastructure and services, including sensors, voice and visual, intelligent chip, operating system, in the perfect basis, good service and products will come into being, and bring good consumer experience.